Our LS-10a Demo


.18M and 15M tips with winglets
. 600kg max loading
. Nose and CG hook
. Four wing tanks 200 Liters !

. Fully instrumented
. LX8000 Colour computer
. Tost " Penta" disc brake conversion
. Full set of all weather covers

. Famous DG finish

Sorry - Sold

Awsome performance and great handling....
Available now.

Glass top Cobra trailer with hydrolic ramp and most options and tow-out gear included.

Call Ed Hollestelle
Phone (226) 271-5322 ed@solairecanada.com




2000 RV-6

. IO 360 C1C6 200HP
. Hartzell CS Prop
. Front hinged canopy
. Electric flaps
. Trim switches on stick
. Dual brakes
Professionally painted in 2006
. Leather interior
. 314 HRS TT
. RV-7 wingtips w. srobes
. Ceramic coated exhaust
. Weather proof canopy cover

This a great handling RV-6 and very fast...

Always hangared

Annual inspection included

The engine has OH cylinders, new pistons and rings, a new cam, oil pump, main bairings and oil cooler.

Hartzell prop and governor were recently serviced.

Must sell as next one is almost finished.

US $ 69900.-

For more information please call

Ed Hollestelle
Phone (226) 271-5322

Sorry Sold


PowerFlarm Portable
(SAW updated)
Our demo - slightly used.


For more details please contact Solaire Canada:

(226) 271-5322 or ed@solairecanada.com

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This is a unit we purchased from LX Navigation. (Appears tob new.)

The DX50 is a GPS flight data computer and IGC logger. It functions like the LX5000/7000
. Moving map shows Airspace etc.
. Will run a PDA with SeeYou or WinPilot
Requires a 4' X 7.5" panel cut-out.

NOS....Excellent value!
Will drive PDA (requires LXIPQ cable)

Price: US $ 995.-

We also have a used unit at $ 695.-



· Simply the best colour computer available.
. The instrument is preloaded with worldwide terrain maps, airspace and airport databases.
. User friendly data exchange with the front mounted SD Card.
. Integrated IGC flight recorder with engine sensor.
. Assigned Area Task capable with up to date task statistics.
. Real time flight optimisation according to FAI and OLC rules.

. Awesome task page with all the pertinent information, no need to"flip" pages.
. Free software updates and databases via the SD
. Will display Power Flarm warnings !!
Slightly used. "As New".
Supplied with PowerFlarm cable.






LX5000 FAI
V 6.3
This is a new instrument but not the newest version.
It will run and power a PDA (with an LXIPQ cable-extra)
IGC approved data logger
Electronic or tube TE
Complete with all wiring and connectors, GPS antenna and audio speaker
Requires a 3 1/8* and 2 1/4" opening.



AR 4201

· Used condition.

·Dual scale (M and Kts,)

. 2 1/4" Cut-out.

US $ 350.-




.Used in good condition

.Comes with Form One

.2 1/4" Cut-out

US $ 300.-



Becker AR3201

· Used but in excellen condition

2 1/4" cut-out

US $ 300.-



iPaq Cable for Colibri/LX5000/LX7000LX20 Etc.:

·Outputs the proper voltage for the iPaq
·Connects directly to the LX instrument.
·Connects to your 12V system
·Available for 31XX to 54XX series
·Specify model when ordering

Price $ 100.-




· Used in very good condition

. Can be wired to second control head.

. See ad below

. 2 1/4" cut-out.

Price US $400.-


ATR600 Remote

· Two seat solution

. Cables incuded.

.. 2 1/4" cut-out

. Brand new with manual.

Price US $ 250.-


HP iPAQ 310
.Navigate on the road and in the air....
.Needs software on the SD card to fly
.Internal GPS

SeeYou Mobile runs very well on this.
Or run XCSoar for Free.........
New in Box!

Pice US $180.-



Compaq / HP 5455:

· Wireless LAN (802.11b)
· Bluetooth
· 64MB RAM/ 48MB ROM
· Removable battery
· SD slot
. As New condition
. High-contrast color screen


Used LX1600

This is a recent trade on an LX8000

Complete system;

US $ 795.-

(PDA not included but avilable)


PLEASE NOTE: All prices are in US $ unless stated otherwise!

We have many glider parts and components available for sale.


LS4 RH wing -repairable !
LS8-18 L&R wings (matched set-need some work).
LS8-18M tips (like new).
LS6 Rudder, fin and horizontal stab.
SZD-51 Junior LH aileron
SH Ventus B wings (L&R )